We'd be happy to bring all the help you need for your next event. Bartenders, Servers, Dishwashers, whatever staff makes your life easier & your party run smoothly.


The Bar: You may notice there are no alcohol offerings; we do not provide liquor as we like focus on the food. We also find our clients appreciate the savings by being able to bring in the bar themselves. Every good party needs libations so we'd be happy to send you a bar quote from Elio’s or The Wine Seller. They can deliver wine, beer, liquor, mixers and even ice- not to mention picking up & crediting the leftovers.

The Rentals: Same for rentals; let us worry about the food and Perrier Party Rentals can worry about delivering everything from the china & glassware, to tables & linens, plus everything in-between. We can work with them to send you a quote that makes sure every platter, chaffing dish & wine glass are all lined up to ensure smooth service & that your guests have everything they need.

  Cheers, Courtney